What is the joining age for the Pepsi Football Academy?

6 – 16yrs. [For more information go to Applications & Fees page]

Can both boys and girls join?

Yes, boys and girls can join.

Where are the training centres?

We have 14 training centres across Nigeria. [For information as to their location, see the Training Centres page]

When do you train?

All training centres train on Saturday mornings.

How often do you train?

The training frequency depends on your age group and your coach.

How do I apply to join?

You need to apply in person at anyone of our training centres. [For more information see the Applications & Fees page]

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on your age. [For information see the Applications & Fees page]

Does the academy provide feeding & accommodation?

No, the Pepsi Football Academy does not provide feeding or accommodation. The excepion is The Football College.

What is The Football College?

For information on The Football College please go to The Football College page

What successes have you achieved for footballers?

Many of our former students are now successfully progressing their careers as professional footballers. [Please view the Graduates page]

What events and activities do you organise?

In addition to training, we organise football matches and competitions. [For more information please view the News page]

How can I contact a training centre?

The mobile contact numbers for all our training centres are listed in the Training Centres page.

How can I contact you by email?

Our email contact address is info@pepsifootballacademy.com

How can I contact your management?

Our management contact details can be obtained through viewing the Contacts page.